Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Whoa!, These Tales of Woe"

These recent "sob" stories by the Democrats during the alleged "Health Care Summit" that took place last Thursday make me want to cry..... (NOT). Each Democrat participant seemed to try to outdo the other on who can come up with the best example of tragedy on a personal level of someone in America who has the best case of a "tale of woe". Now, not many people really want to see suffering in this world, but is the government really supposed to fix every human ailment and "kiss every "boo boo"? I say "Whoa!" to these tales of woe. The "Buddha" says that the human condition is filled with "Samsara" (suffering), as everybody and every body degenerates at some time through the ageing process or through abuse of your body in some fashion or another or through some sort of accident that happens to you throughout your lifespan.

To try to convince the American public to support the government total control of health care these examples are given to show the need for a takeover of the medical system. Some of the examples I bet are made up but even if they are true; why does this mean that a state controlled health care system is the answer? The most memorable example to me of this process of sob story summitry is the example given by Congresswoman Louise Slaughter of someone who had to wear her dead sister's teeth. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out on his radio show that afternoon when he thought that Democrats were into recycling and what is wrong with recycling teeth? You don't want the landfills in America overfilled with mountains of perfectly good dentures do you? Hey, this supposed lady had no teeth before and now at least she has some teeth. Do we need Congress flapping their gums about these examples of toothless constituents? If Harry Truman were alive he would probably say,"If you can't stand the teeth, then get them out of your mouth." Not to be heartless to the toothless, but there are plenty of foods that you can eat without teeth. For example, apple sauce, all the baby foods, and milk shakes to name a few foods as well as swallowing vitamins and health supplements.

Where in the US Constitution does it say that everyone has a right to a custom fit pair of dentures? I believe George Washington had a set of wooden teeth. You didn't see George, as one of the founding fathers of our nation lobby for free government teeth did you? Just because someone has a need does not necessarily mean that the government is responsible to fill that need.

These tales of woe have got to go. Ya Know?