Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Youth In Asia"

I saw today that Quebec doctors support "Youth in Asia".It is funny though that apparently the French word for youth in Asia is "euthanasia" all as one word. Now, I don't know if these French Canadian doctors support the young people traveling to Asia or the youth that live in Asia. Furthermore do the doctors support every youth in Asia? Asia is a big place. Do these doctors want to try to pay all of the living expenses of these Asian youths? Or, do the doctors support the young ideals of the Asian youths as many of the Asian countries are opening up to the ideas of market capitalism?

I wonder why the Quebec doctors only support the youth in Asia (euthanasia) and not the youth in Europe (euthaneurope) or the youth in America (euthanamerica)? Maybe the youth in Asia are better behaved and better students. I don't know, this euthanasia question is just killing me and I'm dying to find out the answer to this riddle of Quebec doctor support.