Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Sick (of the government trying to take over healthcare)

I watched a couple minutes of President Obama's Health care Windbag Propaganda Fest but quickly had to turn it off before I threw up or fell asleep. President Obama's intent supposedly was to try to reach some sort of "bipartisan consensus" on the health care reform issue but in today's political environment consensus only occurs when the other side agrees with you while you stand firm in your position. If the party on the other side of the issue refuses to bend to your position; well then you say, "I tried to get a bi-partisan solution, but they just said no and wouldn't agree with us."

To me, the central question is "Does the American public really want to cede control of their life and health to the government ?; or would you rather rely on the professional advise of your doctor? Sure, there is waste and excess cost in the current health care system but is it worth dismantling the American Health care system?

How many Americans currently travel to England or Canada with their health problems or surgical needs? If the state run systems in other countries are so great how come you don't hear much about people traveling to other countries for medical care while it is fairly commonplace for sick people from other countries to travel to America for their treatment?

I don't know about you but this talk of taking over the American health care system is making me sick. And luckily at least for now, I can go to my primary care physician for professional treatment without getting a permission slip from some governmental bureaucrat.