Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've been thinking a lot lately on how to solve this "Health Care Reform" situation and I think I have come up with a couple solutions. First, I don't personally believe that the current proposals will solve anything and will actually make things worse as they don't address tort reform where lawyers can try to get a sympathetic jury to give their clients millions of dollars for medical mistakes and punitive damages thus driving up the cost of doctor's insurance policies and resulting in a lot of medical tests that are not needed but performed to try to cover the doctor in case of a lawsuit. There should be a cap on the amount of damages that a person can sue for which would cut down unneeded tests and reduce medical malpractice insurance and thus the cost of health care. The only problem though is that the trial lawyers are a big contributor to the Democratic candidates so this cannot happen to a favored interest group even though tort reform would reduce the cost of medical care by approximately 10 percent from what I have read.

Expanding mandated medical coverage will increase demand for medical services particularly if the people don't have to pay themselves for their treatment. If you increase the amount of people demanding medical treatment without increasing the supply of doctors then you have to have rationing with someone deciding who gets treatment and who doesn't. I have come up with a way to expand the amount of doctors and hopefully solve this problem. Now, I'm not sure if this will work but it probably makes about as much sense as the current proposals to fix this so called "Health Care Crisis". The solution I propose is to clone some of the best doctors so that there will be more doctors to meet the needs of the increase demands for medical treatment. I'm not sure if the technology is currently available to do this but I know that they have cloned dogs and sheep among other animals and some of these animals weigh about as much as a human so I don't see why we just can't clone some doctors and solve this health care stuff. I've often said to myself and others on busy days, "I wish I could clone myself" so that I could do two things at the same time. Yes, cloning doctors could help solve our health care worries.

Another idea would be to get people to agree to be frozen in suspended animation so that when health care rationing comes instead of waiting and waiting until your number is called for medical surgery or treatment and having your medical condition worsen while you wait; you agree to be frozen until the doctors are able to get to you. That way, similar to a deep sleep, you would lose the sense of frustration and waiting and it would seem to you only that a few seconds went by when you are revived and treated.

What do you think? Are these solutions feasible? I don't think that they are any more outrageous than the current solutions these "Congressional clowns" are proposing. I say "Send In The Clones" or let us "freeze" this health care problem.

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