Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Sen Ditin"

I remember when I was at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut in the mid-70's that one time I was visiting a friend of mine's dorm called "Shakespeare" located in the West Campus. I happened to notice in the lounge area a magazine that had "illustrated sports" as a theme but I don't want to disclose the name of this magazine and risk being sued or get in trouble with them so I won't tell you the name of this particular magazine. Anyway, someone in this dorm sent away for this magazine by filling out his name as "Sen Ditin". This magazine had a "bill me later" feature so there were a lot of these magazines around the lounge. I also happened to see a bill from this magazine company for this subscription along with a letter addressed to Mr. Ditin. The letter said something like "Dear Mr. Ditin, We hope that you are enjoying your subscription to our magazine. We have not received payment as yet Mr. Ditin for your subscription and we will have to receive payment soon or we will have to terminate your subscription. Mr. Ditin, I'm sure you appreciate our in depth coverage of our football, basketball, baseball, and hockey along with our in depth award winning articles of these and other sports. We don't want you to miss out on our future coverage of these sports which make our magazine the number 1 sports magazine in America. We may also have to contact our collection agency if we don't receive payment soon for your subscription." Yes, "Sen Ditin" was getting himself into "hot water".

I've never met anyone myself named "Sen Ditin" and for some reason I think that this might be a "fake name" although I didn't know everyone living at this dorm.

This instance also reminded me of a comedian I saw on the television a few times whose name escapes me at the moment. As part of this comedian's act he recalls a story of growing up in the "South" and that he had a friend named J. B. Stewart. Yes, His friend was known as J. B. Stewart and that is what he wanted to be called J. B. Stewart, not James or John, Jeremiah, or whatever the "J" initial was supposed to represent. So, the comedian continues, one day J.B. received a notice that his driver's license was up for renewal. J.B. said, "This time I want my license to say J. B. Stewart so I filled out the form as J only B only Stewart. A couple of weeks later J. B. received his license with the name on it which said "Jonly Bonly Stewart". HAHA HAHAHAHAHA... I thought that was funny and laughed real hard.

I guess if you send it in as J only B only that's what you get Jonly Bonly.