Friday, January 1, 2010


Another year has just begun. Another decade as well. We are done with the "00'" s and are now in the '10's. As we live in a digital age of computer presence it is only fitting that today at the start of this year is 01/01/10 which fits the computer digital theme of zeros and ones. How computers can do so much with just these two numbers is amazing. I guess it has to do with the microprocessors and semiconductor chips which somehow open and close based on an electronic pulse that opens and closes the various pathways on the semiconductor chip and the computer codes and programs which determine the results. How all this gets translated into color and sound and everything else I'm not sure but somehow it works.

It should be an interesting year. How America is going to pay for potential health care reform and a potential carbon tax and to think that jobs will be created is beyond me. Governments do not create wealth, they merely take money through taxes and redistribute this money for their various programs. Everybody seems to think that they are entitled to services and benefits without having to pay for them. What happens when the productive members of society decide that they have had enough of higher taxes and decide to not work as hard or expand their businesses? How can America have yearly budget deficits in the trillions? Who is going to buy the necessary treasury bonds when we as a country are starting to re-impose trade tariffs on foreign products and refuse to sign free trade agreements with the countries of Columbia and South Korea to name a couple? The decade of the '10's could be tense.

Will the American populace sit idly by when more and more governmental interference and control increases from misguided Congressional mandates? Time will tell. For many people as long as they can follow "American Idol" or their local football team then Congress can do whatever they want.

So, "Don't worry, Be Happy". A new year has begun. I hope the New England Patriots win this Sunday and tomorrow the University of Connecticut Huskies Men's and Women's basketball teams both play as well the "UCONN" football team which plays in the "Papa John's bowl game in Birmingham, Alabama. GOOOOO HUSKIES!

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