Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"My First Time Co-Piloting an Airplane"

Here's a photo of the control panel of the Cessna airplane I helped "co-pilot" on December 8th this year on a flight from Nantucket Airport to Barnstable Airport on Cape Cod. Since this was my first time "up front" I decided to let "Captain Tom" do most of the hard parts of the flight like taking off and landing the aircraft as I concentrated my efforts on "supervising" him as well as keeping an eye on all these controls and looking out the window for visual confirmation that we were on the right flight course and not going off track and heading toward Spain. I must say that between the two of us we did a good job and had a smooth flight. I didn't even have to give "Captain Tom" any advise and although I was in position to take the controls in the event of an emergency; I didn't have to step in and take over the wheel.
Yes, this fifteen minute flight went off without a hitch and my first time as an airplane co-pilot was an unqualified success.

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