Thursday, July 10, 2014

Big Lobsters

I went to George's Fish Market of Harwichport (Cape Cod) Mass, today to buy a dozen little neck clams.  As stated in a previous post; I take the empty clam shells after eating the clams and put them on my stone driveway and figure in about at least a thousand years I should have a nice crushed clam shell driveway.

The fellow at the counter stated that their biggest lobster they currently have is  18 pounds and they figure 7 years of age per pound so that would make the lobster about 126 years old. I wonder how many battles with other lobsters this big lobster has had in his life and how the lobster was captured. You would figure with 126 years of experience the lobster would have learned how to stay free on the ocean floor. Maybe the lobster was just so hungry that it couldn't resist a few morsels of rotted fish or fish guts. Maybe though, the lobster somehow knew that it was so big an old that the fish market plans to release it back into the ocean at some point this year.