Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I find it interesting that the Indianapolis  Colts are accusing the New England Patriots football team of "deflating their balls" during their conference championship game held yesterday (1/19/15) at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough Massachusetts where they were "shellacked" by an embarrassing score of 45 to 7 under rainy windy conditions. Now, I'm not sure if I understand this "ball controversy" completely as I would think that both teams would use the same game ball football while playing. I know for example in basketball both teams use the same ball, same with in volleyball, soccer, and in hockey both teams use the same hockey puck. The allegation by the "crybaby Colts" is that a deflated football is easier to grip, throw, and catch than a properly inflate football in rainy, windy weather and the allegation supposedly started when the Colts intercepted a Tom Brady pass. Now, to me this photos taken from the Internet yesterday shows Tom Brady throwing what looks to me to be an inflated football. Granted, you can't tell the pounds per square inch of the football from the photograph. Maybe the colder air of a January night reduced the football air pressure slightly. Maybe the football had a slow leak in it that was further damaged by all the "spiking" of the football after all of the Patriot touchdowns. I hear Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski speculated that his vicious after touchdown spike may have hurt the ball. Colt's quarterback Andrew Luck had no luck yesterday with two interceptions which the Patriots had no trouble catching. Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount had 3 touchdowns and 148 yards rushing by himself which was three times the amount of touchdowns by the Colts. So, even if one took away all the other Patriot points the Patriots still would have won comfortably.Are the Colts implying that a deflated football if true assisted Blount because he was carrying a football that may have been a fraction of an ounce lighter?
Now, don't the referees handle the balls between each play as they position and "spot" the ball? Wouldn't you think a referee would notice an improper ball as they handle the balls all game?

The Patriots thoroughly deflated the Colts's Superbowl chances. Instead of taking the thrashing with class they resort to a "cry baby" attitude and a lame excuse that the football was tampered with and that is why they lost. The Colts were lucky to beat the Denver Broncos but even with Luck as their quarterback their luck didn't hold up against the Patriots. To me, IF there is a video somewhere that shows a Patriot personnel deflating a football then I would be convinced of the baseless allegation. Otherwise the "deflate-gate" controversy  is full of "hot air".