Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Que Sera, Sera

 " Que Sera, Sera"  as sung by Doris Day. (Whatever will be will be). 2016 is unfolding so far as a "downer" as far at least for the stock market. 2016 is of course a presidential election year and if the election occurs as scheduled, there will be a new president selected and elected. "Baba Vanga" a deceased  blind Bulgarian psychic predicted that the 44th president would be an African American president and also the last American born president. "Que Sera, Sera." 

What will be interesting see is how this year unfolds. Will Trump "trump" the Republican field and win the republican nomination?  Will Cruz carry "the cross of Constitutional rule" as the republican nominee?

On the Democratic side, can the senior citizen  "Hillary" stay out of jail and win the democratic nomination and overcome her Benghazi problem, her e-mail and corruption influence peddling while Secretary of State, and can she be perceived as a "champion of the middle class and a champion of women's issues" while being married to a husband with many woman's abuse issues? "Whatever will be, will be". If not Hillary, if she can't successfully dodge the rule of law, then whom shall the democrats turn to?  Que Sera, Sera.

Will America prefer a Bernie Sanders or a Joe Biden if the election occurs over the republican nominee? Time will tell. Que Sera, Sera. Decision day (D. Day) is coming.