Monday, July 12, 2010

"Bite ME"

'Twilight' Effect: Are Teens Biting Each Other Because of Vampire Fascination? - ABC News Some people are copying the current rage of "Vampire" movies like the "Twilight Series" and television shows like HBO's "True Blood". How about you? Are you a blood sucker? Do you say "bite me" to people in your life and hope that they will?; or do you say "bite me" to someone when you are angry at these people?

I like drinking roast beef blood (hot cooked dead cow meat blood) but I draw the line at biting live humans and drinking their blood. I rarely eat live creatures with the exception of raw clams and oysters on occasion and a few insects by accident if I'm riding my road bike with my mouth open.

I enjoy the vampire shows like "True Blood" but if some vampire wanna be approached me I'd probably say something like "Get lost you wacko!, You Suck!, Bite Me!" (not).