Monday, July 5, 2010


Wonkette : South Carolina Democratic Party’s Rising Star Faces Challenge To His Glorious Primary Result It looks to me that the Democratic Party in the great state of South Carolina may have found "rising star" who some people say could be the next candidate for even higher national office after Alvin Greene recently won the democratic primary for the right to challenge the incumbent Republican Senator Jim DeMint. According to the linked article above, Mr. Greene's primary opponent Vic Rawl, accused voting machines of voting for Mr. Greene on their own without humans helping vote. These machines just voted by themselves.

Apparently, Alvin Greene, won this primary election without campaigning, without a staff, and without taking positions on issues and all the while living at his Dad's home and being unemployed. It seems to me that Mr. Greene's lack of effort in winning this election was due to his sense of "fair play" and not wanting to humiliate his opponent by doing things like meeting the voters and campaigning because if he did these things he probably would have received almost 100% of the votes. Somehow, Mr. Greene, is a "natural" when it comes to winning elections and the voters in their infinite wisdom are aware of this and that Alvin Greene is the best available candidate to be the next senator from South Carolina. Maybe, Alvin Greene has superior mental powers of telepathy and he reached the people that voted for him through their collective subconscious or maybe the voters thought that Alvin Greene was the singer Al Green and everyone remembered what a good singer Al Green is so they figured he would be good in the political arena as well. Maybe Alvin Greene won because he was listed first alphabetically on the ballot because "G" comes before "R" . Maybe, the voters wanted a candidate that has no political experience as they are fed up with the current crop of slick politicians who endlessly campaign and prefer someone like Alvin Greene who didn't waste their time by calling them on the phone, sending them campaign literature, or showing endless television advertisements.

Whatever the reason, I for one respect the will of the voters and admire a candidate who can win without really even trying to win. A true political talent like Alvin Greene doesn't come along that frequently and I think the Democrats have picked a "winner" in Alvin Greene. "GO ALVIN GREENE GO!" After you win the Senate seat maybe you can immediately set your sights on being president just as our current president did after he was elected as a senator.