Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Tony Morrone, A Loyal Employee"

Just got back from celebrating my brother Scott's 50th Birthday today as we had dinner in the "North End" of Boston at "La Familia Giorgio's". Everyone had plenty to eat and later we decided to drop in at an "Espresso" restaurant to top off our hearty meals with an authentic espresso. For those of you who have never tried espresso coffee let me tell you that although espresso is served in a small cup, espresso coffee can sure wake you up. We also wanted to see if "Tony Morrone" was still working there as he is quite a fixture at this espresso place and we always enjoy seeing him. "Tony" is originally from Bologna, Italy and came over to America with his Mom and Dad when he was only 6 years old. His parents found work at this espresso restaurant and "Tony" first started working there when he was thirteen washing dishes and sweeping the restaurant floors. Over the years "Tony" graduated from dishwasher to busboy and then as a waiter. Now over sixty years later "Tony" still works as a waiter both for lunch and dinner and every working day he is still identified by his red flower carnation and black bow tie. "Tony" would often tell us stories about his years in the restaurant and coffee business and all the famous boxers, politicians, and sports celebrities he has met over his long career . So here's to you "Tony Morrone"; it was good to see you again, keep up the good work and may you enjoy many more happy and healthy years. "Keep Smiling".