Friday, April 1, 2011

"Who's Extreme?"

Say what you will about the democrats such as Senator Charles Schumer, (NY) who was recently overheard discussing the democrat's "marching orders" on their goal of trying to paint the "tea party" members and republicans as "extreme"; they do spend a lot of time trying to shift the blame for the out of control federal fiscal mess away from themselves while trying to get the public to believe that the proposed efforts by the tea party members and Republicans to make some sort of cuts in federal spending as just too painful and "extreme". Democrats also seem to put a lot of emphasis on whether certain Republican political leaders are "intelligent, smart, etc. versus their so called wise, astute, smarter candidates and leaders.

I say it is democrats like Senator Schumer and others that are the extremists. Is it "extreme" to try to reduce the over ONE TRILLION dollar annual federal budget deficit? I think it is "extremely stupid" that democrats such as Senator Schumer seem to think that going along year after year with trillion dollars deficits each year is perfectly fine and that any cuts in the federal budget are just too much. The democrats seem to be focused on a political strategy of shutting down the federal government but blaming the Republicans for the shut down. I hope the American public doesn't buy into this strategy. The "extreme" position, I think is to continue down the road to Federal governmental bankruptcy by not addressing the current budget shortfall. This is not to say that some Rebublicans are not to blame for some of the budget deficit; but, I think that currently the Republicans have shown that they are the "party of change" as they are at least trying to bring the federal budget under control while the "status quo big government democrats" cling to the current unsustainable overgrown and overreaching federal budget situation.

So, who do you think is extreme? The big government democrats or the republicans who are trying to trim some of the fat out of the bloated federal budget? The election in 2010 said that the democrats were on the wrong side of the issues as the Republican candidates with the help of the "tea party" took over the gavel from Nancy Pelosi.