Monday, April 22, 2013

"Drink of the Gods"

 Lately I've been buying this organic "Yerba Mate" drink at the local "Shaw's" supermarket where I buy a lot of my groceries. I like going to a supermarket that is named after me.
This tropical rain forest based drink from South America's Ache Guayaki tribe is known by the tribe as the "drink of the Gods". Now, this drink is stimulating and similar somewhat to coffee in its effect; but how does this tribe know what God drinks? There is a song called "In Heaven There Is No Beer" so apparently God according to this song doesn't drink beer OR, maybe God drinks beer nonstop and there is no beer left for the people in Heaven as God keeps all the heavenly beer for himself.
I wonder if there is any food in the afterlife. In the Bible there is mention of" Manna" from Heaven as food just falls down from the sky. Maybe everyone in Heaven eats angel food cake and marshmellow fluff. Maybe there is no food in Heaven at all. God knows.
Is God a vegetarian? Does God like a good steak and potato? I imagine if you are God you can eat anything at any time in any quantity and never get fat unless you want to be fat; or you can not eat at all but still have plenty  of energy.
So, if you want a drink that is balanced, nutritious, with a energetic "buzz" drink the drink that the Gods prefer: "Yerba Mate".