Thursday, May 2, 2013


 Over the last few days I have been listening on "Pandora" to a selection that starts off with the "techno electronic" artist DEADMAU5. I was discussing this with Pete at the Soundings Resort in Dennisport on Cape Cod. The next day (May 1st) I walk out of my house to get the daily mail and right by my front step I see this "dead mouse". This appears to be a "synchronous" event as I had never until the last few days played any "DEADMAU5" music or discussed this with anyone.
Some schools of thought say that through thought and intent everyone "creates their own reality" and what you think about will manifest itself in your life if you focus enough. Although I didn't think I thought that much about "DEADMAU5" or dead mice for that matter I guess I may have thought about it enough so that the universe manifested this dead mouse to my doorstep.
Some people also say that certain dreams can foretell future events in your waking life. I remember quite a while ago for example in one of my dreams I saw a gold ring. Wouldn't you know the next day after this dream I was walking down to the Swan River beach in West Dennis and I spied and picked up a gold class ring with a red stone on the side of the road.
What else does the "DEADMAU5"/dead mouse connection symbolize? I don't know. Maybe there is a neighborhood hunting cat around and this cat just wanted to show me its latest kill.