Friday, May 17, 2013


 I midas well admit it I'm a James Bond fan and "Goldfinger" is one of my favorite "Bond" films. Ole James over the years never seems to age too much but he must have had a lot of "face surgeries" over the years as sometimes James Bond has dark hair sometimes lighter hair, sometimes a "cleft in his chin and sometimes not in the movies and I swear, although I could be mistaken that Mr. Bond, James Bond even changes his height. Maybe as part of a disguise he employs "elevator shoes" with lifts but for some reason in some films Mr. Bond doesn't even look at all like he does in other movies; you could almost swear he is an entirely different person. I guess that is what you have to do if you are a "secret agent". The different looks that James Bond in the movies employs somewhat reminds me of "Inspector Clouseau" of the "Pink Panther" movies as the inspector would often employ many disguises during his investigative process. I swear though recently although I could be wrong; Chief Inspector Clouseau even resembles the comedian "Steve Martin". Call me wild and crazy but that's what I think.
I guess as we all age over time we all start to look different but James Bond and Inspector Clouseau to me really look so different over time  more  than other people I have met in my life..