Saturday, August 31, 2013

Urban Cowboy

Yes, it looks like we have an " urban cowboy" in the White House. Like Gary Cooper in the movie "High Noon" our president Obama against the will of the American populace with a coalition of one nation so far (USA) seems willing to attack Syria on behalf of the terrorist rebels of Syria over a claim that Syria's Assad used chemical weapons against its citizens thus crossing the "red line" set by President Obama. And how does using chemical weapons in Syria affect America's interests with the potential of leading to an escalation perhaps of World War III by bringing Iran and possibly Russia into the Syrian civil war? I don't know. I do know however if President Bush were president today and did what President Obama is proposing there would be a "national outcry" and demonstrations across America about "Bush the cowboy war monger".

Now, what is the objective of sending bombs, cruise missile, and maybe a few "killer drones" into Syria when it has been reported that the "rebels" have used chemical weapons themselves and may even have used them this time just to bring America into this conflict and provide them with an air force that they don't have? Obama has stated that this proposed action is not for "regime change" but to show that chemical weapons use can and will not be tolerated without consequences.

Is America's role in the world to be the enforcer of world behavior against all atrocities? If so, then where was America when hundreds of thousands of people were being butchered and starved to death in Africa in western Sudan (Darfur)  or in Uganda where approximately 1.9 million people were displaced ? Where was America when dissidents in Iran wanted to topple their theocratic government? Where is America when Christian citizens in Egypt are killed and their churches burned? Is Obama's "red line" only concerned with how people are killed (chemical) versus being butchered by machetes, shot, or burned alive?

Oh, and what is the calculation of how many civilians will be killed with the US missile attack? Possibly or probably more people will die as "collateral damage" from the US attack if it comes than were killed by any chemical weapons. What happens if a missile strays off course and kills a few Russian advisers stationed in Syria?

Maybe, like in a chess game, the world leaders are thinking a few moves ahead. Maybe, by lobbing a few missiles into Syria, Iran will direct missiles into Israel. Israel will then attack Iran and attempt to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities.

Yes, our "urban cowboy" in the White House if he proceeds is playing a dangerous game where  many unforeseen and unintended consequences can develop. I think we should "stay away" from this situation and let the Syrian government and the rebel terrorists fight it out amongst themselves. You didn't see any Syrians intervening in the American Civil War of the 1860's did you?