Monday, October 14, 2013

NIN 2013 Tension Concert Tour 10/11/13 TD Garden Boston ("Breathless")

Concerts in big arenas are always a good place to find "bargain beer" and snacks. Why, I bought a 10-12 ounce plastic cup of Sam Adams Boston Lager beer in the stadium concourse and it only cost me $9.00! I don't know how they make any money at that price. I also purchased a small bag of shelled peanuts for the mere price of $5.00; another bargain indeed! I must admit that I did spill some of the peanut shells near my seat onto the floor; I do hope that they have someone available to clean up the shells after the show. OOPs! sorry about that. 

After departing the bus terminal at "South Station" I walked over to the MBTA (the "T") Red Line station and took the Red Line to "Park Street" where I changed to the "Green Line" subway to "North Station" and the TD Garden venue. After the concert I of course had to retrace my subway route to get to the Cape Cod bus which is scheduled to depart at 11:50 pm. being the last bus of the day with the next bus departing at 6:35 am. It got a little "dicey" for me as a remember the subway clock showing a time of 11:42 pm. while I was waiting in the Park Street station with South Station being the second "Red Line" stop. Luckily I was wearing my "Saucony" brand running shoes that night as I was calculating that it would be "hit or miss" on me arriving on time for the 11:50 pm. Cape bus. I ended up having to sprint from the Red Line South Station stop through the South Station rail terminal, past about a 200 yard open section of walkway where people board the trains, through an "S' turn at the bottom of the train area into the bus terminal, up a long set of stairs that reminded me of the "Rocky" stairs in Philadelphia as the escalators were closed for  the night. around a right hand corner and about an 80 yard straight away then up another large stairway by another closed escalator then through that crowded bus terminal to the Cape departure point. While running this "gauntlet" I was thinking, "I hope I don't have to spend all night in the bus station by missing the bus by a minute or two". I've missed bus connections from Logan airport and the South Station bus terminal before and didn't look forward to the possibility of being once again "homeless for the night in Boston". I was also thinking, "Gee, this running and dodging people reminds me of the old "Hertz " rental car commercial where "OJ Simpson" was running through an airport terminal and leaping over chairs. While climbing the first set of stairs I was starting to feel very "winded" but I pushed through the "breathless" state spurred by the desire as described not to have to stay all night in the bus station. Fortunately, although I arrived at 11:53 pm. at the departure area for the Cape Cod bus; the bus was late and arrived around midnight so I was there "wheezing and gasping" in my hyperventilating state as it took me a few minutes to recover to normal breathing.

Between the awesome concert and light show that left me breathless in amazement and the journey to the bus stop that literally left me breathless I definitely had a memorable night.

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