Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cisco Disco

Just returned from a flight to Nantucket today (and my arms aren't even tired.). I try to make time while on Nantucket to visit the Cisco Brewery on 5 Bartlett Farm road and try a different Cisco brewed beer each time I visit. Today, I tried a "Double I.P. A" beer (9% alcohol) and a bag of Fritos corn chips as a late lunch while waiting for my return plane trip to Hyannis. While munching a bunch of Fritos corn chips and sipping my "IPA" I noticed this wall hanging made up of CD discs with the phrase "It Never Starts At The Beginning and Only Forever Begins In The Middle". So, I had some food for thought as well as smacking my lips from the corn chips and ale.

This phrase make me wonder, and I'm probably not alone: for example: If the universe started with a "Big Bang" of tremendous mass and energy, then what was there before the "big bang" set in motion our ever expanding universe? Furthermore, what is found at the edge of the universe and what is our universe expanding into?  Also, when did "time" start? and.. What was there before the beginning of time? Is this the only universe ? Or... are there other universes found in other dimensions of reality that are beyond our comprehension? I don't know for sure, but I do know I like "Fritos and Beer"! Must be in my genes from my Germanic ancestors.