Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Band Aid"

 This week I was awarded a
Safety commendation from The Soundings Resort on Cape Cod for my participation on the "Safety Committee". Among the items I received were some "chocolate band aids" as pictured above. Now,, I have never seen chocolate band aids before and I'm not sure if they are an improvement over the regular band aids BUT I'm willing to give them a try. I'm not sure how to apply the chocolate band aids as I did recently "skin my knee" while playing outdoor volleyball on a sand court at "The Woodshed" up in Brewster. I guess I'll need some sort of adhesive tape to keep the chocolate band aid in place. Plus, with the hot Summer weather upon us won't the chocolate band aids melt?  Maybe  I will need to put some ice over the chocolate band aid and then wrap gauze or something to keep the chocolate band aid in place. I don't know. So far I'm not sure if the chocolate band aids are better. I'm also worried about flies maybe attracted to the chocolate although maybe that is the point as I remember in the movie "Gladiator" with Russell Crowe" that they put maggots on a wound he received so the maggots could eat the damaged area of his arm and keep the wound clean. I didn't see any instructions on the chocolate band aid box so I'm not sure if this is the main attraction for the chocolate band aids. Maybe I'm supposed to eat the chocolate band aid after my skinned knee heals but I'm not too sure that would be so appetizing as probably some of the scab from the healing knee might get embedded into this chocolate band aid. I suppose as well a chocolate band aid will come in handy if I suddenly get extremely hungry for example and became lost in the woods or something but other than that I just don't see how these chocolate band aids do a better job that the traditional band aids. Well, I guess I'll just have to try out the chocolate band aid and see how they work. Sometimes just because a product is new doesn't necessarily mean the new product is better than the original.   I don't want to "pre-judge"  too much this product but I do have some doubts.