Monday, July 18, 2016

"Lightning McQueen AKA Edward Scissorlips"

Yesterday (7/17/16) we had a birthday party for my Dad at brother Steve's house in Connecticut. They recently obtained 7 new chickens. All of which have names. The chicken above is named "Lightning McQueen/  AKA   "Edward Scissorlips". This chicken has a "criss crossed" beak so my brother and his wife are debating on whether to have "beak surgery" to straighten "Lightning's" beak but are somewhat hesitant to proceed with the surgery as this chicken is so young, maybe too young for the anesthesia required for the surgery. Plus, they were told that there is a long wait list for this kind of surgical specialty AND this surgery is NOT covered under Obamacare. Nephew Axel (pictured above) did promise to help feed "Lightning"  so for now they have decided to wait and see how things progress and maybe consider "chicken braces" instead of the surgery.

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