Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black Car

I bought a new to me car yesterday a 2007 Mercury Milan pictured here on a cloudy morning. My other car, a 1999 Mercury Mystique was starting to rust, the transmission was starting to go I think as the car engine would "race and buck" while driving but the "last straw" so to speak for the Mystique was a leak in the brake line so I didn't have working brakes. I had to put the brake pedal to the floor to get the car to stop.When I would fill the car up with brake fluid the fluid would empty out within a mile or two so I didn't want to have to stop every mile I drove that car and refill the brake fluid as it would be quicker almost to walk.

My new car only had a little over 6,000 miles on it when I bought it. My last car I had for a little over 10 years so I probably got my money's worth out of it. I guess this is another example of "nothing lasts forever" and I could have decided to get the transmission fixed and new brake lines but as they say there comes a time when you have to decide whether to keep the car or "move on" and whether to spend "good money' on an ageing car or get a car built in the current century.

Since I didn't have a "working car" I was somewhat "over a barrel" when I went to the car dealership. At first the dealership literally offered me zero dollars for the Mystique and I said, "You know I just put over $30 worth of gas in the car and the catalytic converter is worth something." I have heard that car dealers often try to "steal" cars but zero dollars is nothing. So, I received a very minor trade in allowance but at least it was "better than nothing."

I was almost trying to beat the world's record for buying a car in the quickest time possible as I spent less than two hours at the dealership before I drove out with my new to me car.

I think the picture I took came out pretty well as it was not taken on a bright sunny day where the glare of the Sun sometimes would cause a not so good picture. I have heard that "black cars look better in the shade." "Black cars look better in the shade" I think would make a good title for a song. "Oh wait, I think there already is a song called that. Have you heard it? Do you know what a "black car" is?

One thing I know for sure; a black car in the shade should be a little cooler than a black car in the sun.