Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Into MY Belly"

Here's a photo of the fish and chips lunch I had yesterday while eating with Mayor John at "The Sailing Cow" restaurant in Dennis Port across the street from the Glendon Road Beach. I met John at the house he and his family rented and for fun I checked "Google Maps" for directions, distance and estimated time from the house to the restaurant. The "Google Map" said that the restaurant was .1 mile away with an estimated time of 53 seconds to travel the distance.

We decided to walk as although we are all getting a day older each day; a one tenth mile walk is still well within our walking range and we probably could have even crawled there if we couldn't walk. It was windy down by the beach so instead of 53 seconds it took us 57 seconds to walk to the restaurant and that long walk sure built up our appetite!!

I recall a while ago that I saw on the Internet somewhere that someone had a web site called "Into my belly" or something like that where they took a picture of each meal they ate and put the photo on their web page. This concept made me reflect, " I wonder how much food I have eaten in my life so far and how much milk, beer, water, orange juice, Diet Coke, Tang, and other beverages I have consumed to date?" When I visited the Canadian Horseshoe Falls just North of Buffalo, New York a long time ago; the guide there said that there has been more Coca Cola consumed than the amount of water that falls over the Canadian Falls in a day! And let me tell you that is quite a bit of water!

It would be interesting to see, (at least to me), if at the end of your lifetime you could be given a visualization of all the above mentioned foods and drinks in one spot so you could get an idea of the quantity and type of food that comprised your lifetime. You could then compare and contrast with other souls up in Heaven as this would provide many hours of conversation. For example, if you ran into a Hindu soul you could say, "Hi, Hindu Soul Brother! Did you know that in my most recent lifetime I consumed 13,154.27 pounds of steaks, hamburger, and other assorted cow parts? How about you? Oops! my bad, You guys don't eat cows! Sorry!"

Or, say a Korean soul originally from Seoul came up to you in Heaven and said,"Boy, I sure loved eating dog during my last earthly existence. Very, very tasty! My meal scorecard shows that I ate 4,168 dogs when I lived in Seoul." You could reply "Yuck, that's sick!!! The only dogs I ate were "hot dogs" as I ate 7,103 of them including 449 of them in total while attending baseball games of which I attended 247 baseball games over my past lifetime. Most of the "hot dogs" I ate were "all beef". This comment made the Hindu soul turn green.

Capital One credit cards has a commercial with the tag line; "What's in your wallet?" In regards to food the question to reflect upon is "What's in your belly? and What has been in your belly? and What will be in your belly in the future?" Yesterday for me fish and chips, cole slaw,french fries, catsup,and tartar sauce for lunch with two Diet Cokes with a slice of lemon and ice cubes. I have the picture to prove it!

Food for thought.