Friday, August 20, 2010

The Dreaded 8/20

Some people believe that certain days are lucky or unlucky such as March 17th, St. Patrick's Day and the "luck of the Irish" with four leaf clovers and gold found at the end of the rainbow and Leprechauns. Unlucky days for some are Friday the 13th, "The Ides of March, and the Ides of April (tax day deadline).

For me, over the past two years, August 20th has been my "unlucky" day. Last year I fractured my wrist while playing volleyball as I dove into a wall while chasing the ball. For some reason when I put out my hand to stop my momentum, the wall didn't give but my wrist did! SNAPPP!! OUCH!!

So today I am commemorating the unhappy anniversary of my wrist fracture. I had a couple insurance inspections to do today and drove to them in my new to me car. As I finished my second inspection in Harwichport I was driving back to my house to download the pictures into my computer. While driving I was listening to the album "10,000 Days" by the Los Angeles based group "Tool." My new 6 CD car music system has a lot of bass (not a fish) but I heard what I though was a "rumbling" toward the back of my car. When I arrived at my house I saw that I had a flat tire on the right back side. I have an air compressor in my car in case I need to inflate the tires as my former car for some reason had tires that needed frequent inflating; plus President Obama said that we all should drive our cars with properly inflated tires. In this area I agree with the president and he should know, as GM (Government Motors) is basically under his control so he must know something about cars.

So the "dreaded August 20th" struck me again. Last year a broken wrist, this year a broken tire. Although both events aren't too much fun it does appear that the effect of August 20th is weakening this year compared with last year as I would definitely choose a flat tire over a broken wrist. If I'm lucky maybe next year my "bad luck" hopefully will be something even more minor such as accidentally breaking off part of my sneaker shoelace. Yes, 820 very unlucky for me. I wonder if some people have problems with April 20 (420 man) which as we all know happens to be Adolph Hitler's birthday.