Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Larry King Tribute, I Like Pie"

As many of you know, Larry King recently finished his last show on the "TV" this past week after 25 years so for now if you watch "Larry King Live" it probably will have to be old shows also known as "Larry King Recorded". I enjoyed sometimes reading some of Larry King's newspaper columns in USA TodayI think it is as he is the master of the nonsequitur. Which reminds me, I don't think I have ever typed the word nonsequitur in my life and sometimes weeks go by between times I say the word nonsequitur.

This nonsequitur topic reminds me of this new internet service called "Twitter". Have you heard of it yet? On "Twitter" you can communicate with the Internet world, your friends, celebrities, politicians, strangers, in short, just about anyone in the world that you want to follow. What you do is express yourself in up to 140 characters (including letters, numbers,punctuation, and spaces) called "Tweets". Now I don't know why these short communications are called "Tweets" and not "Twits". Maybe because some of the people who "Tweet" on Twitter are "Twits" so it would be awkward or confusing if the "Twits" who "Tweet" had their "Tweets" called "Twits".

Back to Larry King, now that Larry isn't on" Larry King Live" will "King" be demoted to "Prince" and will "Prince" be promoted to "King" and replace "King" with a new variety interview show called the "King Prince Show"?

I can't remember, is it OK to look up at a Lunar eclipse or is it the Solar eclipse? I know one is OK and the other may blind you. I "Tweeted" this question today on "Twitter" but so far no one has helped me solve this eclipse dilemma. Maybe only the "Twits" are "Tweeting" at the present time. I like Pie. The Patriots just won this evening when Green Bay was on the field for the final play and ran out of time on 4th down and about 30 seconds to go and down by 4. I rode by "The Drummer Boy Museum" in Brewster this week in my car just as the song "The Little Drummer Boy" started playing on my car radio. Is Al Gore a good dancer? Does Al Gore have rhythm? Algorithm? Remember the Macarena? Do you like the Macarena better than the "Chicken Dance? I went to a "Yankee Swap Party" last night and 2 people I guess took presents without bringing a present so 2 people didn't get a present or even a lump of coal. Pecan pie is my favorite. Shaq was back with the Celtics today as the Celtics won their thirteenth game in a row!! I also like "Key Lime Pie" but don't really like mince pie. Sometimes nonsequiturs don't seem to make much sense. Thanks for the memories Larry King and Bob Hope.