Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Nuckin' Futs"

Remember the classic award winning movie "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star" where Shakespearean actor David Spade played the lead role of "Dickie" with his famous expression, "This is nuckin' futs"....?

Well this expression comes to my mind when the "loony left" is all in a tizzy over President Obama's decision to compromise with the Republican leadership on a framework to leave the current tax rates as they are for an additional two years and extend unemployment benefits for up to an additional 13 months. I was somewhat surprised that President Obama actually showed some "rational behavior and common sense" in this matter as you don't raise taxes in an economic downturn and expect that the economy will improve. The classic class warfare lame brained liberal loons are outraged over the concept of keeping the taxes as they are and call this a "tax cut for the rich". What the "redistributionist retards" believe apparently is that all income is the rightful property of the almighty "State" who then decides who gets to keep some of the earned wages of the working class after the needs of the "State" are first addressed. Keeping the current tax rates is not a tax cut but rather a rejection of a tax increase. The only proposed tax cut in this "framework proposal" as far as I can see is the reduction in the social security tax by 2 percent.

Extending the unemployment benefits from the current 99 weeks maximum for an additional 13 months will probably result in sustaining the current high unemployment rates as many people will not actively seek employment opportunities if they feel that the available job openings don't pay sufficiently more than the amount of their unemployment check. For example, if you are unemployed and see a job opening that would perhaps provide an income of approximately 60 dollars a week above your current unemployment check you may rationally decide that for the time spent at the job it isn't worth it to accept a job like this as long as the unemployment checks keep coming.

Too many people in this world seem to try to "count other people's money" and feel that if someone has more income, assets, a nicer car or house than them then these people should be compelled to give more and more of their income to the government to redistribute to the people who have less than the successful people. These same "envious" people often don't try to better their own life circumstances through hard work, more education, or learning a productive skill as they feel that "the deck is stacked against them" and that they are "entitled" to the benefits of someone else's efforts. I say they are "nuckin' futs". What say you?