Monday, December 13, 2010

"President BarBill"

It was interesting to see the recent press conference with President Obama and former President Clinton where President Clinton endorsed the compromise tax and unemployment framework between the House Republican leadership and President Obama. The interesting part of this is that during this press conference all of a sudden President Obama looks at his watch and says something like "OOH, Will you look at the time! I'm already thirty minutes late for a Christmas party with Michelle and you don't want to make Michelle mad. I'll leave you all in the good hands of a former president who had experience (not like me)". President Clinton says, "Please Go!", while thinking to himself, (Obama, you are the biggest fraud fairy tale excuse of a president. I still don't know how you hood-winked everybody to vote for you over Hilary.)

So, for a brief moment in time we had a two headed president: Barry and Bill, or BarBill. And everyone knows two heads are better than one. It is refreshing to see a president that has his priorities in the right order. When faced with doing his job and trying to clarify the tax and unemployment situation in America versus going to a Christmas party with his wife; President Obama chose "good times" and Christmas cheer. He must have figured that he would let someone who is older, wiser, and enjoys being the center of attention (President Clinton) take over for him (sort of like in baseball when the manager calls up the bullpen and sends in a relief pitcher). Besides, maybe President Obama needed a cigarette break and this of course would also be another excellent reason to skip out of the press conference.

Yes, "President BarBill", I won't drink to that but it is better than straight Obama. Of course, with all the partying going on in the White House, President Obama doesn't have to pick up the bar bill as the American people are stuck with the tab.