Friday, November 29, 2013

Beer Popcorn

 Here's an interesting video that shows you how to make a popcorn maker out of a beer can. Make sure though that you drink the beer first all the way to the bottom of the can. I tried this once with a half full can of beer and was left with a soggy mess of beer and soggy popcorn.  Also, this only works with a can; I experimented with a plastic  bottle instead of a can and the bottle melted all over my stove top, not a pretty sight with a smoky foul smelling plastic smell. I also tried this with a beer bottle but was unable to cut a hole in the side of the bottle so I gave up with bottles.
    Amazingly, this beer can popcorn popper works with other brands of beer can besides Foster  but Foster  does have a larger size can than most brands so if you want a good amount of beer can popped popcorn then Foster is a good choice.  Popcorn and beer is always a good combination but make sure you have more beer or you pour the beer into a glass or mug so you can drink your beer with the freshly popped popcorn.