Saturday, November 30, 2013


I wonder what happened to the "Occupy Movement"? It is just like these "band of gypsies" disappeared from the face of the earth or at least from all the cities. No more tent cities anywhere protesting the "evil greedy 1%ers". Hey, maybe they met all their goals; whatever they were. Maybe they all decided to get a job and try to be a "1%er" as well. Maybe the whole point of the occupy movement was to make sure President Obama was re-elected and to paint Republican nominee Mitt Romney as a "greedy vulture capitalist". Yes, maybe all the occupy members are preoccupied and too busy shopping at "Staples" for a bargain computer or smart phone not realizing that Mitt Romney helped get the "Staples" business going. Maybe the former occupy participants are spending hours and days trying to sign on to the "Affordable Healthcare website" and don't have time anymore to trash the city parks with their piles of garbage and try to disrupt city traffic. Maybe the occupy movement members are all at "The Sports Authority"(another Mitt Romney /Bain Capital venture)  trying on some new shoes so they can gear up for the 2014 and 2016 election cycles.

Somehow the lack of current "occupy movement" activity has made the cities cleaner by their absence. These "un-occupied"  city parks are just not the same. The post occupy era is just not the same as cities return to their "pre-occupied" state.