Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Live and Learn"

I guess in life we all "live and learn" from mistakes made so we don't ideally "make the same mistake twice". For example, last night before retiring to my bed and "dreamland" I decided to brush my teeth with some "Plus White Speed Whitening Finishing Polish". I understand there a "Fifty Shades of White" or something like that so I wanted to move my teeth up to a whiter shade of white. Well, by mistake, I dipped my toothbrush into the "Avon Basics Vita Moist" face cream jar and started "brushing away" for a few moments. Then I started to realize that my mouth had a funny taste in it and this funny taste made me laugh out loud before "PEETOOWY" I spit out as much as the face cream as I could into the sink. You see, although my mouth is part of my face, inside my mouth is usually fairly moist and I really don't need a moisturizer inside my mouth. If I get "dry mouth" I usually just get a drink of water or some other liquid.

So, lesson learned, although both containers are white on the outside, it  does matter what is inside that counts. Kind of like with people I guess; we all have an exterior package but have different personalities inside. Just as teeth whitener is not a good facial cream, I did learn that facial cream is not a good teeth whitener. "Live and Learn".