Monday, March 10, 2014

I Stand with Rand

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul won the recent "straw poll" of the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) for the 2016 Presidential Race. This is something I agree with and I "Stand with Rand". It will be interesting to see how the "Main Stream Media" propaganda machine will try to tear down , distort and throw mud on Senator Paul's image and ideas. Jeff Kuhner of radio station WRKO in Boston this morning discussed his support for Senator Paul on his "Kuhner Country' radio show. I myself have thought since the 2012 election that I would support Senator Paul for the 2016 presidential election and will vote for him either as the nominee of the Republican party, as a third party candidate or as a "write in " vote.

In 2012 the "Main Stream media" played up the allegation that Mitt Romney cut some kid's hair when he himself was a kid and then later in life put the family dog on top of the roof of his car for some vacation trip. Now, these actions of course are so serious that we as a country could never elect Mitt president whereas Obama was an admitted cocaine user, "Chum gang ganga smoker" and as self confessed dog eater which of course are very minor issues compared with letting a dog get some fresh air.

Rand Paul, hopefully never did anything wrong in his life or we for sure will hear about it. Hopefully he never cut in line at the movie theater or dropped a piece of popcorn accidentally on the floor at the movies. A transgression like that I'm sure would preclude him from being president according to the media democratic "lap dogs". The media will try to portray Senator Paul as the "founder of the KKK' even though it was Southern Democrats who founded this organization. All the Republicans did was fight and die during the Civil War to end slavery. Prominent leaders such as Martin Luther King and baseball's Jackie Robinson were both Republicans as were most blacks until about the time of LBJ and his "Great Society" where the government cranked up the welfare handouts and created a government dependency which in many cases can be viewed as a new form of slavery.

Rand Paul will also be labeled as an "extreme right winger" who believes in crazy outlandish concepts as freedom, liberty, the rule of law, the United States Constitution, and a limited role for government. The governmental parasites and leeches will fight "tooth and nail" to defeat anyone who wishes to try to limit the power of government or the size and scope of government.

Rand Paul perhaps will consider Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico, Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, or Bobby Jindal as his Vice Presidential running mate. I for one will not vote for Chris Christie (AKA "the Thin Man) if he were to become the republican nominee (I don't want him, you can have him, he's too fat for me.)

It will be interesting to see if old Hillary Clinton will try to run again for president in 2016. When the call came from Benghazi for support from our Libyan Consulate when under attack no help was offered. Oh well, "What difference does it make?" was her response.

Yes," I stand with and for Rand" in 2016. Where do you stand?

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