Thursday, March 13, 2014

De Plane! De Plane!. Where is The Plane?

What the heck happened to the missing Malaysia plane? It is sure a mystery so far. How can a plane simply be unaccounted for days on end? How can a plane be "off the radar"?  You would think there would be some indication by now as to whether this plane landed somewhere, crashed somewhere on land or sea, exploded in air or entered some type of "time warp" similar to the alleged "Bermuda triangle" or somehow entered a portal to a different dimension.Was this plane hijacked by a passenger or pilot, diverted to fly "under the radar"? Not to make light of the situation and hopefully there will be some sort of happy resolution to this mystery. I sometimes think of the "Fantasy Island" television show when thinking about planes when Ricardo Montalban  as Mr. Roarke would say "Places everyone" and HervĂ© Villechaize  as "Tattoo" his side kick would say, "De Plane, De Plane". What the heck do you think happened?