Saturday, March 8, 2014

RSPECT Means Nothing to Me

Obama Misspells ‘Respect’ While Praising Franklin Before White House Concert « CBS DC  Are you "Rspected" in your daily life? President Obama in introducing Aretha Franklin said that Aretha sang
"RSPECT" on behalf of women and African Americans who just wanted a little respect in the lives. Now, I don't know which of the "57" states President Obama was speaking in or he probably was in the District of Columbia but I do know that "Ali G' (AKA Sasha Baron Cohen) spells the word (RESPEK) and lamented that there is so little of this that "respek" is not even in the dictionary anymore. I don't know if I respeck a president who doesn't even know how to spell the word. I mean, the next thing you know he will be spelling potatoe as "potato", something a bird brain (or Quayle brain) would do. Respectfully submitted: Mr. Rick Shaw