Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Harbor View Lobster Roll

Had a late lunch today at the Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis on Cape Cod. As seen here from the photos, you can eat right on the harbor front amid the boats of the harbor and the Northside Marina. The lobster roll was quite good and is self-proclaimed "World Famous" so you may have already heard about them. Parking is a little "tricky" as noted on the map with danger areas highlighted. While I was there eating this boat in the above photo was being transported to one of the marina buildings to be worked on. Dining is very casual here and you don't have to wear a tuxedo or even a regular dinner jacket. I brought my own beer (Cisco IPA from Nantucket) to go along with my lobster roll,french fries and cole slaw. 

I'll probably start recommending this place to the guests at the Soundings and Breakers resorts as many folks ask where they can eat at a waterfront location. There are also "lobster roll cruises" available for the ultimate dining on the water experience. So, this is a good fresh air salt water spot to consider if you are in the mid-Cape area. I don't know if I would want to eat outside on a rainy day or night; but on a good day this is not a bad place to be as long as you stay away from the "danger' areas on the map.