Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wrong Numbers

A couple weeks ago I was on the phone paying my Comcast  internet service bill. These companies as many of you know employ automated telephone voices that tell you to press "1" for English, "2" for Spanish, and other numbers for different departments such as bill paying, technical department and so forth. If you are paying your bill then you have to enter the amount you want to pay and then your credit card number.

For some reason, I was having trouble that time reading my credit card number correctly to enter on the phone and Comcast was saying I entered an incorrect card number. So, I had to hang up and try again a couple of times. The Comcast final digit is a "9" in their phone number. I'm continuing trying to pay my bill and all of a sudden a police car pulled up in front of my house and an officer came up to my door and asked me if everything was "OK" as they received a "911" call from my phone. The officer then looked deep into my eyes as I returned his stare and told him that I didn't intentionally dial "911" and that I was sorry if somehow inadvertently this "911" was called. The officer also asked if anyone else was in my house and I replied "No".  Somehow I guess between entering the last digit of the Comcast phone number and responding to some of the auto prompts it must have come out with a "911" sequence.

I remember years ago a few times each season at the Soundings resort on Cape Cod that the Dennis police would say one of our had dialed "911". What happened at the Soundings at the time was that guests ha to first dial "9" to get an outside line then "1" for a long distance number, then I guess they would forget that they already had dialed a "1" so they would press "1" again on the phone for a "911" sequence.

Sometimes "wrong numbers" do bring quick unexpected results I guess.