Thursday, June 18, 2009


What do you think of President Obama killing a poor innocent fly who was just trying to get the latest" buzz" on President Obama's positions during a recent interview? Do you as well condone such violent behavior towards one of God's creatures? This fly was one of the noted fly reporters who wanted to get a story for his "fly paper" and tell all the trillions of flies the latest poop from the President.

Yes, this fly was buzzing around and making inane noises as most typical liberal leaning reporters do; but does that give the President the right to kill this fly reporter just because the humanoid reporter was asking questions while not responding to the fly?

PETA is not pleased.

Also, this President is setting up a potential future of enormous deficits and inflationary pressures with his out of control governmental takeover of an ever expanding portion of our nation's economy and now we have to probably add the cost of supporting the family of this fly and the funeral expenses for a decent fly burial.

But Nooo, President Obama showed no remorse to this senseless fly killing. From what I understand he is rather proud of his cold blooded assassination of this defenseless creature. He said "That was pretty impressive, wasn't it? I got the sucker." First of all, a fly is a fly not a sucker. A sucker is a form of fish. Second of all I'm personally not impressed. Is killing a fly something to brag, boast, and toot your own horn about?

Only a sucker should boast about killing a fly as the sucker fish do kill flies for food. President Obama killed this fly and just threw the poor fly away. He didn't even eat the fly after he killed it.

During the Presidential Election campaign I remember Candidate Obama talking about how much he liked pie during one of his campaign stops. Apparently he likes shoo fly pie but he doesn't like the real fly. How sad to kill what you don't like.