Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am enjoying the "hype" that Sasha Baron Cohen is generating with his new movie "Bruno" as he travels from Spain where he dressed up like a bull with platform hoofed shoes and tail to the premiere in Amsterdam where he arrived by jet ski dressed in a cutoff suit showing his stomach and red thong underwear. Sasha is truly an actor who likes to "push the envelope" with his outrageous promotional stunts and bizarre characters such as "Ali G", "Borat" and now "Bruno". His comedic and satirical approach as he totally immerses himself in these distinct characters reminds me a lot of the late great comedian Andy Kaufman who to me it seems was an influence on Sasha Baron Cohen and his comedic approach.

Although I haven't seen "Bruno" the movie yet, from what I have read from recent articles featured in the "Drudge Report" website there are some controversial scenes in the film that will get people talking, probably laughing, and earned the film an 18 years and older film rating.

Apparently Sasha Baron Cohen is being pressured to cut certain scenes from the "Bruno" movie to generate a rating that would allow his teenage fans to be able to see this movie. So far I understand that they have resisted cutting the controversial scenes as they are apparently thought to be some of the funniest scenes in the movie.

It is an art to get people to talk about your film and promote your film. Andy Kaufman would have been proud of these "Bruno" promotions and his fellow "envelope pusher".