Thursday, June 4, 2009


Back In the late 1960's I went on a vacation with my parents and brothers and sisters to Lubec Maine . My Mom's Uncle Lloyd McBride lived in Lubec and we went up to see him. Lubec, Maine is the easternmost town in America. Lloyd had a house in the countryside of Lubec with a summer house and five hundred acres of land as well as a bay front location and a small island where he let a "hermit" live. In the winter Lloyd lived in his house in "downtown Lubec". In back of his house there was an outhouse with three holes.

Lloyd used to gather periwinkles along the bay that he called "wrinkles" and sold them to "fancy French restaurants. When we had breakfast in the morning Lloyd had a huge breakfast bowl. My Dad asked Lloyd if he wanted some toast. Lloyd said "sure" and proceeded to take the toast and crumble it up and dump it into his huge cereal bowl. We thought that was funny but I guess all the food goes to the same place.

Lloyd had a wife named "Lilian". She had a cat. I remember "Lilian" kept saying with her strong accent; "That ole cat likes dawg foooood!"

During the vacation we went to a sardine factory and watched the workers cut the heads and tails off the sardines and stuff the fish into the small cans. Apparently we were distant relatives of the sardine factory owners.

We also went to Campabello Island in Canada which was the summer home for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.