Wednesday, May 26, 2010

" Food for Thought"

YouTube - Morrissey - Meat Is Murder I just finished a juicy succulent steak on my outdoor gas barbecue grill. Yum ! Yum! I enjoy the taste of dead cow flesh as I topped this steak with A1 Sauce and home made sea salt. Do you eat meat? Do you condone the killing of innocent animals just to stuff your belly with their tasty flesh as these poor animals sacrifice their life for us humans? I do, these dead animals taste great!! (Click the Link to see Morrissey sing the song "Meat is Murder?). In the karma/ dharma wheel of life someone has to be at the top of the food chain; furthermore, sometimes sharks eat humans as well as cases of lions, tigers and bears (Oh My!) eating humans. I used to enjoy drinking the blood of a cooked roast beef and sometimes mixing the cooked blood with mashed potato. This tasty treat has a lot of protein.

I have nothing against vegetarians. To each his own. Hey, some cultures eat cats, bats, and dogs. Who am I to judge what is right or wrong as far as eating habits are concerned. That "Andrew Zimmern " guy on the food channel makes a career out of eating exotic things. But, where do the vegetarians draw the line? In effect eating fish is murder. Also, from the perspective of a carrot harvesting this carrot is a death sentence for that poor innocent carrot.

"Food for thought" as we enter the start of the barbecue season here in the "Northern Hemisphere". Hey, coyotes and foxes here on Cape Cod eat cats and small dogs as well as cute little bunnies they find hop, hop,hopping along and they don't seem to feel guilty about it. So enjoy your Memorial Day barbecue (or not) and remember (or not) that some innocent animal sacrificed their life for your meal.