Sunday, May 23, 2010

"It's Like Riding A Bike!"

I bought a new to me bike today, a 2008 Marin "Argenta" 27 speed road bike. I was surfing the Internet last night and I came across this website by some guy named Craig that had millions of listings for all sorts of items for sale as well as links for job openings, personal ads, and many more goods and services. I don't know how Craig has time to add all these things to his website . In addition, it looks like Craig has other websites for different areas of the country and world besides just Boston ( the Hub of the Universe) and scenic Cape Cod.

This Marin bike came as well with bike shoes, a bike pump, a bike helmet, a pair of bicycle shorts, and two custom bike shirts. The previous owner stated that he had only ridden this bike a little over 300 miles so the bike is virtually new. I was able to purchase this bike at a substantial discount similar to how you can usually get a better value purchasing an almost new car versus a brand new car. In new cars you do get though to enjoy that "new car smell". The new smell is probably found as well when you buy a new bike but the savings realized by not having the "new bike smell" was worth it. Besides, I'm not that into sniffing bicycle seats so I would rather forgo the new seat smell to save some "Benjamins".

This is the first bike I have ever owned that requires custom bike shoes that fit into the custom pedals. I was slightly apprehensive about this but I was able to "snap in" the bike shoes into the pedals and start riding right from the start. In fact, I had such a quick learning curve on figuring how to operate the new pedal system and the gear shifting located on the bike handle near the brakes that I said to myself, "Wow! This is easy. It's just like riding a bike!"