Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Seal Beach"

Today a three month old baby seal washed up on to the sandy shore of the Soundings Motel here in Dennis Port on Cape Cod. This picture was taken by "SV" who works at the front office. I went down and saw the seal but I didn't have a camera with me. My cell phone has a picture capability but I don't use e-mail on my phone so I didn't bother to take a picture with my phone.
When I saw this little seal it was sunbathing and sleeping on the beach. A few people walking the beach got real close to this sleeping seal and I had to tell them to stay at least fifty feet away as sometimes these seals dream of fish and if they are having a vivid fish dream them may lunge at you and try to bite off your toes.
Each year the motels have various inspections by the town officials for the rooms, swimming pools, and dining areas. This year this seal was our beach inspector. The seal came on its own and enjoyed a warm sunny Spring day. The seal rated our beach "two paws up" and gave the beach its "seal of approval".