Thursday, April 29, 2010

"I Bought a Blackberry"

I'm not always up on the latest technologies living here on Cape Cod. A lot of friends of mine who live "off Cape" always rave to me on how they really enjoy and can't live without their "Blackberry" as they can keep in contact with their e-mail and the Internet.

I was shopping recently at BJ's Wholesale club. I enjoy BJ's, and have fun shopping there and most of the other shoppers seem to enjoy BJ's as well.Many times there are free sample stations throughout the store so you can grap a little bite to eat while you shop. I noticed near the electronics section of the store there were some boxes of "Blackberries" for sale with two "Blackberries" per box for $9.99 I think it was. I thought to myself "Wow!, That's a LOW PRICE!" so I bought a box.

When I arrived home it said that I had to plant these "Blackberries" in the soil and water them. These "Blackberries" didn't really look like phones or computer connected devises but maybe this is the "New technology version" for the "Blackberry" as I have read that cutting edge computer scientists are experimenting with organic computing power so maybe this is the first series of this new technology and they had to offer it at a low price to gain public acceptance and market share. These "Blackberries" kind of looked like antennas and I'm not sure where you talk into them but it did say to wait until mid-Summer to harvest them so maybe the other parts of this communication devise grow over time. I hate to wait that long to use for my new communication devise but at this low price I guess I can't complain too much. So, I guess until mid- Summer I'll just have to use my current cell phone.