Wednesday, April 28, 2010

" Hey!, You Aliens!, I'm not Talking to you! So Buzz OFF!"

Don’t talk to aliens, warns Stephen Hawking - Times Online Here's an interesting article from renowned physicist Stephen Hawking with probably some sound advice. (Click the Link). He advises us humanoids not to talk to Aliens. Yes, species from other planets may have different values than us residents of the third rock from the Sun (AKA Earth). Maybe these Aliens will come to our humble little planet and take all of our resources and yummy sweets like "Ring Dings" and "Devil Dogs" or those tasty "Little Debbie" pecan treats. Maybe the Aliens would come down to Earth and round us up so that we could be their pets like we have pet dogs,cats, and hamsters. Maybe these Aliens would want to eat us like we eat cattle, pigs, chickens, and frog legs. So, it is up to you but me personally; the next time I run across an Alien from another planet, star, or galaxy, I'm going to follow this sage advise and not talk to them.

Besides, How do we know what languages these Aliens speak? They might not even speak English. I wonder if you speak to an Alien and the Alien doesn't speak or understand the language; are you really talking to these strange non-English speaking Aliens? I don't know.