Monday, April 5, 2010


YouTube - Deteriorata (Fluke of the Universe) Remember this song? "You are a fluke of the universe"?. It is a National Lampoon take off of the song "You Are A Child of the Universe". Click the You Tube link if you wish to hear this song for the first time or to reminisce on your life when this song was semi-popular. I'm not sure if I agree if I'm a fluke of the universe; from what I understand a "fluke" is a type of fish. So, if I'm a fluke of the universe then I'm some sort of fish? I don't think so, that sounds kind of fishy to me. I am a human being. I am not an animal or a fish for that matter although technically human beings are mammals which in turn are animals. BUT, animals for the most part can't type on computers like I'm doing right now ( with the possible exception of one or two trained apes or chimpanzees but even then I bet I know a HECK of a lot more English words than they do. Sometimes though I DO fold, spindle or mutilate but that doesn't make me a fish in my honest opinion.