Saturday, April 17, 2010

'Hey, Where's My Seat!"

Yesterday I went to an "Alice In Chains" concert in Providence at the "Dunkin Donuts Center". I remember when the tickets first went on sale a while back that I was on the computer precisely when the tickets were put on sale at 10:00 in the morning. I bought the tickets and was pleased to see that I had tickets for Row F seats 13,14, and 15. The diagram on the computer showed some seats up front and then an open area on the arena floor.

When we arrived we were surprised to see that the concert was "general admission" or first come first served open seating. That was a change from me bragging about how good the seats were before the concert. I said to the usher , "Hey, where's my seat?" We were tempted to go to the people who were in approximately where row F seats 13,14,15 were and ask to see their tickets as they were in "our spot".

It was nice to see Jerry Cantrell and the rest of the band including their new lead singer William DuVall who sounds very very similar to former lead singer Layne Staley, co-founder of the group along with Jerry Cantrell. It was fun being "on the floor" and I was able to "Hit some of the balloons" that were bouncing around above the crowd although a few times I would try to hit the balloon only to find that the balloon was further away from me than I thought but luckily I didn't accidentally hit anybody in the face or the local police would have probably have taken me away in chains for assault and I would have been "Rick In Chains".