Friday, January 6, 2012

"The Battle for Independents"

The primary season is under way on the Republican side to determine who is the best candidate to "dethrone" our current "Supreme leader" who thinks that he is above the Constitution and is trying to expand his power over the populace with his "government knows best " attitude.

Now, given the fact that "nobody is  perfect" including all of the current Republican candidates for the 2012 nomination for president; to me, the next Republican nominee should be the candidate that is perceived as the most likely to defeat President Obama. Yes, I'm an" ABO" person myself (Anybody But Obama) but the next election will be determined by the "non-enrolled " Independent voter.  President Obama should get the "Moocher vote" ( People who rely on government subsidies and free money ) as well as the "Union Vote" and the "Identity Political vote" ( People who vote based on skin color). The percentage of the vote of these previously mentioned groups is approximately 42%.

The Republican Nominee will receive the majority of the small business owner vote, a majority of the white male vote, and the majority of people who favor a more limited government and feel that "Big Government" is not the answer to every real and perceived problem and who feel that government on the federal level has gone too far and is too big.Yes, even today, some people do feel that capitalism, liberty, and freedom are ideas worth supporting.

The "Unenrolled" voter tends to vote "the person not the party" and can swing each election depending upon the candidates and the current political environment found with each election cycle.

Currently to me, Mitt Romney has shown himself to be the best announced Republican candidate for the presidency based upon polling results showing Romney being the strongest candidate in head to head match-ups versus Obama and receives the most independent support. Romney has the most real world business experience of any current candidate, can speak even without a teleprompter in coherent sentences, has experience as a "turnaround specialist" with reviving a floundering Salt lake City Olympic Committee and governmental experience as a former governor of Massachusetts. Is Romney the "perfect candidate"? No, but in my opinion he is far more qualified than Obama or any of the other current Republican Candidates. Some Republican voters express the view that Romney is not "Conservative enough" and threaten to" sit on their hands" and not vote, or vote for a third party candidate or write-in some other candidate; all of these actions would be in effect a vote for Obama.

The Independent voter will hold the key to the 2012 election. Unless and/or until another Republican candidate can show greater or at least equal support as Mitt Romney currently enjoys with the independent voter; Mitt Romney is the current best candidate to be the Republican nominee.