Monday, January 2, 2012

New Haven Inauguration 1/1/2012

I was invited to the 10th term inauguration ceremony for New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr., City Clerk Ron Smith, and the 2012 Board of Alderman held Sunday New Year's Day at Career High School. I attended the ceremony with my University of Connecticut roommate Jack as John and his wife Kathy are also UCONN friends from the mid 70's when we all lived in South Campus.

Mayor John is now the longest serving in New Haven history and addressed the auditorium crowd on the importance of  the role of education in preparing the young people of the City of New Haven for the future of   New Haven, State of Connecticut and the Nation as a whole. John stressed that an educated workforce is necessary to meet the challenges of an ever changing future work environment and investing in human capital and training is paramount to creating and sustaining the City of New Haven as a vibrant and attractive place to live.