Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Turkey Joints"

Hey, thanks Cheryl and Mike for the "Turkey Joints". Cheryl is my brother Steve's mother-in law and has been giving me and my brothers & sisters "turkey joints" for Christmas over the past few years.

"Turkey Joints" are a unique candy made seasonally at Nora's Candy Shop in Rome, New York since 1919. The "Turkey joint" bone marrow consists of chocolate and Brazil nuts covered by ribbon candy and made from a secret formula and old time process.  I find I like the taste of these turkey joints a lot better than the turkey joint bones found on the Thanksgiving turkey as turkey bones are hard to chew and tough to digest.

So, when in Rome (NY) do what the Romans do; chew on some delicious Nora's Candy "Turkey Joints"! (available on their website, too!')