Saturday, April 18, 2009


YouTube - John Lennon--Cold Turkey Live (Not Dubbed) I came across this video of former Beatle John Lennon singing "Cold Turkey" live at Madison Square Garden in New York City back in 1972 at a benefit concert for the Willowbrook State Hospital for abused children. (click the You Tube link to see John, Yoko, and a guitarist who looks like Jesus).

I don't get it. Maybe it is just me but I think in this song that he "protesteth too much". So he doesn't like cold turkey. Why doesn't he just heat the turkey up then? Why eat turkey at all if you don't like it? When I eat turkey at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other time I don't mind if the turkey is hot or cold. I certainly wouldn't get bent out of shape and write a song about it and go screaming "NO NO NO NO NO NO" OVER AND OVER AGAIN like John Lennon. So maybe he had a bad piece of turkey. GET OVER IT!!

Turkey usually makes me sleepy especially after a Thanksgiving dinner with mashed potato,green beans,salad, turkey dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato, perhaps a beer or a glass of wine, pumpkin pie,pecan pie, rolls and butter, etc. Why does John Lennon say he can't get to sleep? John says cold turkey "has got me on the run". Does he mean that he has to spend massive amounts of time on the toilet? Is he allergic to turkey? Why does he compare cold turkey to hell? Again, if you hate cold turkey so much don't eat it.

I remember that President George H.W. Bush stated that he didn't like broccoli. You didn't see him moan and scream about this and write a song called "Steamed Broccoli" did you? Some people are allergic to peanut butter and being around peanut butter can cause them great harm even perhaps death. These people have a better case for a song than complaining about turkey whether cold or hot.

I don't get it. Maybe John Lennon was a vegetarian and accidentally ate some turkey and is feeling guilty. Me, I like turkey. Although sometimes especially at Thanksgiving you can eat too much. There is a saying "Turkey,turkey, gobble gobble, eat too much, wobble wobble."